Friday, July 04, 2008

This post makes no sense, no paragraphs, only statements.

Last night Amanda and I were walking home from the train stop about a mile down the road from us... that is as far as the 24 hour train runs.  We were honked at by 4 taxi cabs for rides while making the journey, the lone black guy in front of us got none.  We laughed until we realized how not funny that was, even the immigrant population has racial bias... that sucks.

Amanda ordered the country fried steak from Chilli's, it was the size of a frisbee.  Needless to say, she didn't finish it.  I never get that piece when I order it though.

We will be down to Charlotte on Sunday for a house hunting trip.  Monday thru Wednesday are dedicated to house hunting... Sunday is all yours!  The max is hooking us up with hotel & car & food... thanks work!

Tomorrow we are going to the Chicago History Museum for their Independence Day Celebration.  We might venture down to Taste of Chicago (the world's largest food festival) and be part of the three million people expected to visit this year... or we may just avoid the crowd and $9 beers and go eat at a real restaurant.  Then we will wander back towards home and see Evanston's fireworks.  

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