Thursday, July 17, 2008

UPDATE: Where we live and other arbitrary facts.

I know that a lot of people have been disappointed by the lack of information surrounding my relocation back to Charlotte, and for good reason. When it comes down to it, in a 5 day span, we bought a house, made plans, packed, loaded, drove, unloaded, and were moved. I have to be honest it was a completely fast and overwhelming experience. I am exhausted, sore, sick, and slightly disoriented but at the same time very happy to be done for the most part. I will try to answer many questions that you may have below:

1. Where are you going to live? This is the hardest one to answer because from week to week it may change. Our house is not going to be done until the end of October and we will not be renting anything. The Mooching Bradshaws are relying on the generosity of friends and family. For right now, we are at Amanda's dad's house in Lake Wylie. We will be house sitting and staying with Tim & Sara starting at the end of next week. If we had more time and ability to plan this better, we would have passed around a sign up sheet to shelter us. Don't be suprised to see us outside of your house with a dufflebag.

2. When is your house going to be done? Right now we have put the money down and picked the colors. We will pick the flooring on Wednesday and then have the pre-construction meeting in about two weeks. They say October which leads me to believe anything before Thanksgiving would be great!

3. Where are you guys working? I will be predominantly at the Independence Blvd. store and Amanda at Barringer Learning Academy.

4. How long is your commute going to be from Huntersville? Amanda's will be about 15-20 minutes, mine will be about 25-35 minutes. We have driven it during two rush hours and it hasn't been bad at all. It may or may not change, we'll see. I do want to make a differentiation between Huntersville and the Lake Norman / Davidson area... they are not the same. People who live in those towns have a longer commute and worse traffic.

5. Why Huntersville? We chose this place after looking at Matthews and far western Union county because it was a more equal commute time for the two of us, because of the value the home prices present, because the access to the downtown area is quicker, and the people in the area tend to be of our age and background. Also, it is neutral territory for the two of us to learn together. Amanda grew up on the South/Southwest side, I grew up on the East side of Charlotte, and NO ONE wants to live on the West side.

5. Will we housesit/dogsit/babysit for you.... HELL YEAH!

I hope this answers your questions... if you have anymore, please feel free to ask away!!!!


Dhara said...

OMG! I think that it a world record for fast moves. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

JB & A

I know about fast moves, but you
beat me hands down.

Welcome back!!!!!

Rege & Barb