Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grace is Gone

What ever happened to bowing out gracefully?  I respect that Favre guy... but really... stay gone.  You cannot be retired if you haven't sat out a season... you could have manned up and said I want out of Green Bay... no, you drag this shit on like Michael Jordan.  Much like him, the end of your career will be slightly tarnished by your pathetic unwillingness to let go.  LET GO!


andy said...

i disagree with that , gb pretty much forced favre to retire after last season to start aaron rogers , who they drafted afew years ago , and is up for free agency next off season , so they had to see what rogers has , and even more does everyone forget favre was in the nfc title game last year , and lost in ot , yeah to his own doing , but still got there , and how bout yesterday , gb trying to bribe him by offering 20 mill / 10 years to stay away lol , i tell ya one thing if the vikings are able to get favre somehow , minnesota will def be a super bowl contender , so seeing favre in purple would be so awesome ! and unlike mj and mario lemeiux , favre still has atleast 2 good years left , if not 3, he proved it late last season , gb is so idiotic to not bring him back in to play out his remaining contract , but hopefully they'll move him to minnesota and the vikes destroy gb each time they play ! lol

Jon said...

It isn't that I don't think he has any gas in the tank, it is just that he retired... if they wanted him out and he wasn't ready to quit, he should have asked for a release or trade. Instead... he made a bad decision and is following it up with many bad decisions. The Packers are making worse decisions for sure, but once you are gone... stay gone like Barry Sanders.

andy said...

barry sanders didn't want to play anymore , so he retired early , i wanted for 2 or 3 years after he retired to come back , cause he was amazing , and def a top 5 all-time rb , but he left with no regrets , as for brett , if he has any feeling of regret , he has to comeback , and selfishly i wanna see him back in any uniform , imo he is the best qb since montana , no offense to brady or manning , so i wanna see the best continue to play if he still wants to , and maybe he just isn't ready to go yet , and i'm glad cause rather he plays for my team or not , it'll be fun watching # 4 do his magic , and aslong as he is wanting to do it , then he has to keep playing , and him playing for a new team won't be like montana in kc , unitis in sd , and namath with the rams, cause those guys were washed up , brett's not he's in alot better shape than those guys at that age , so i hope it works out , because he is great !