Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vacation Update

The worst of all vacation days is one where you have to make a cameo at work.  I have to go in and write the schedule for the inventory associates, I tried to do it last Friday but ran out of time and will power.  So now I have to trudge up there and do it, in the dead center of my time away.  The Cubs are playing a throw back game from 1948, they will be wearing uniforms and broadcasting the first two innings in black & white with only one or two camera angles.  Even the announcers will be dressed in era-appropriate garb.  On my list below of things I wanted to do, I have accomplished all but the "ride my bike a lot" and "read the new David Sedaris book."  So, after the Cubs game I will ride my bike to Northwestern's island in the lake and sit down and read a few chapters.  Retirement is still scary, but I can see how appealing it can be to some.

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