Sunday, June 15, 2008

Six Flags: Great America

Yesterday we enjoyed a full day of amusement park fun at Six Flags: Great America.  We rocked out on Roller Coaster after glorious Water Slides.  
It was quite an eventful day as we got a late start and decided to go.  Checking online, we got a sweet BOGO deal.  Granted, it is $55 per person and we had the option to upgrade both of us to a Flash Pass for $39 additional bucks.  This has to be the worst invention in the history of theme parks.  It isn't bad enough that you charge $55 to get in the doors, you charge $4 for a coke, and dinner for two cost Amanda and I $31, but then, oh then, you invent the Flash Pass.  This contraption allows one to skip ahead of the line and get right on the rides.  For those who can afford it, you never have to worry about waiting.  You can only skip one ride per half hour, BUT, if you upgrade even further, for an additional $59 bucks you can go GOLD.  That means you can skip an unlimited number of times as often as you wish.  I interviewed a guest in the park named Amanda and she said "I think this is stupid, it makes me jealous to see them skipping by."  
The rides were great except for the over-hyped Batman: Dark Knight.  It was very similar to Kennywood's Verminator, but, it came with a 2 hour wait time.  The Superman coaster and V2 were my two favorite rides.  
We also went to Hurricane Harbor to ride the Tornado and when we got off that ride, a storm began to blow in and it got Chilly fast, so that ended our visit to the water park.  In retrospect we would have gone there first.  We wanted to ride the coasters first so all the kids would be in the wave pool while we were riding.  The reverse psychology would have worked well if the weather had held out.
Overall it was an exhaustingly fun day.  It was another day that affirmed that just because you are married, it doesn't mean you can't have fun and act like a kid.

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