Saturday, June 14, 2008


I have been wanting a tattoo pretty much since my junior year of college.  
One might think "man that was a long time ago."  
To that guy I would say "yeah, it was a long time ago, but I am having commitment issues."

I have been bouncing around ideas for years, I used to want a Claddagh with celtic knotwork connecting the two hands on my upper arm.  But since the armband has been such an overused piece of body art I have have a hard time falling in line.  

Recently, since my departure from this great city seems all but certain, I have been wanting something from Chicago incorporated into my tattoo.  I do not want multiple tattoos, just one, so I need it to be encompassing. 

The most recent idea I have had is to have a piece of Frank Lloyd Wright's stained glass art used as an armband.  I worry that it would have to be huge to fit all the details in but damn it would be a cool looking tat that no one else I have seen has had.


It needs to be on my upper arm or lower leg, tasteful, not generic.  I would like something that incorporates my background or Chicago or both.  Apart from that.

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