Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jon for VP

I have to admit I am somewhat shocked that I have not been contacted by either candidate for the VP nod, I know that I am not of age to hold the post, but they are both senators and I know the public wants it, I am only a constitutional amendment away from being there.  But since I am the guy who will be taking their jobs in 8 years, you would think that they would at least ask.  

I hope that Barack doesn't pick Hilary, I am a loyal Clinton Family fan, but really, don't bow into the pressure.  If you cave now, there is no way people will think that you won't cave in to other political pressure.  I hope you pick another agent of change, no old guard stalwarts.*  

I hope that John doesn't pick a woman or minority to try to pluck voters, not that I want him to be racist, but if you look that the republican pool of "talent."  No female or minority politicians in the GOP are in a prominent position now, and they won't be ready when old man McCain takes a dirt nap (and he will w/in 4 years).  Just pander to the conservatives that hate you and hope you get a 48% Bush "Majority" come November.

*the exception to the old guard rule is Joe Biden, he has the foreign policy experience Barack lacks and is a total smartass, I like the guy.

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Mum said...

I always wanted to be the Mum of the VP !