Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Damn! 1.8lbs... my second bad week in a row (a bad week consist of a bad weekend in which I eat what ever I want to the tune of 40 or 50 points. These weekends have also been known to contain weddings.) Okay, I didn't mention that the 1.8lbs were lost, not found!!! I cannot believe I lost weight yet again. But I have no weddings to go to this weekend. (Bad news: Two Halloween parties to attend, both are pot-luck types) I must stay strong. I will be going as McDreamy (Dr. Sheppard) from Gray's Anatomy, Amanda will be Meredith Gray. I have grown my hair a little bit so I can have some of Patrick Dempsy's curls, I stopped shaving Saturday because it takes me an entire week to grow 3-day stubble.

This Week Total: -1.8lbs
Five Week Total: -16.4lbs.


Anonymous said...


Keep it up, just stay away
from the REESES and you'll
do great.

If Manda truly wants a "{Mommy Mobile, she can borrow the


Lisa said...

hey jon!
just wanted to say hello and i hope you have a great weekend! i am sick :( . they are cutting hours at work :( but i have six days off in a row :) so maybe we can get together!
love ya,