Sunday, October 22, 2006

Busy Weekend

So Friday Amanda and Coleton went to the Charlotte Checkers home opener. By suprise, I got off work early and joined by college pals at Carraba's (I did not eat though) for some chatty convo. We then went and saw The Prestige.

The Prestige was a really good movie. A little on the long side, but no minute detail goes unappriciated. This is one of those long movies, like Slingblade, that you realize while you are watching it that it is terribly long, but it doesn't quite feel like wasted time. You will spend the whole time trying to figure out how they do what they do and who will end up on top of the other. Go see it, tell me what you think!

Saturday I took Amanda's car to KMX so my boss could appraise it. We then went to Brixx (this was a bad WW day) and ran some errands. We then got all dressed up and went to my friend and former co-worker Lee's wedding. It was held at Providence UMC off of Providence Road. Amanda and I were both suprised at how small the wedding was, about 75 people. They had the advantage of growing up in Virginia and Maryland respectively, so not a lot of people made the trip. Amanda and I, with friends and family both being local and with a VERY limited budget are going to have trim our guest list considerably and even hurt a few people's feelings in the process. The reception was held at Queens University's Alumni House (Withers) and was wondeful. Open bar, good DJ, a Mashed Potato Bar (yes, sMashed Potatos in a martini glass with cheese, chives, bacon, sour creme) and turkey. It was a really well done small affair. We had a superb time. As a couple we spent more time on the dance floor than any other. I got to meet a corporate legend. Dick Hunt, the 3rd Carmax associate ever hired and the first Purchasing Manager at the First Store. Lee grew up across the street from them. He was a very nice man, though retired now, he speaks so highly of the company and made me really proud to work for them. He was the third employee, we now have over 13,000 across 80 stores. His son works at the Richmond store and will be grand opening at the Charlottesville VA store while their daughter is the Assistan Business Office Manager at the Midlothian store in Richmond. Amanda talked to Mrs. Hunt all night, both being educators and all. Behind every Carmax man is a great teacher! Overall, the evening was quite fun and I hope our wedding compares to Lee & Brenda's!

Oh yeah, save the date!!! October 27th, 2007 at Myer's Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, at the corner of Queens & Queens & Providence & Providence (if you are from Charlotte, that intersection makes complete sense, if you are from somewhere else, you will probably die trying to make sense of it)

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