Sunday, October 15, 2006


Sorry I have taken a bit of a blogcation. I have a few drafts I am working on, thoughts, insights, etc. I want to try to put better stuff up on this bad boy.... here is a last week recap.

1. Cable Day- We celebrated this new holiday yesterday. We had been without cable since January of 2004. After 2 3/4 years of abstinance, we could not hold out on cable. In that time, the DVR was invented, and I think the maker of said device should be given the Nobel Peace Prize!!!

2. Weight Watchers Update. I lost 5.5lbs last week (weighed in Wednesday) and that brings the total to 13.4lbs lighter!!!! Of course, I got lazy and have gained a pound or more this week. Back on the wagon!

3. Amanda spent all week meeting her kids at McKee Road and will begin teaching tomorrow.

That is all for now.... I will post a couple of things this week. I think having cable will keep me off the computer for a bit!!!

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Barb said...

Yeah Jon!!!!!!!! I'm SO proud of you.