Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday Weight Watchers

Well, after fretting a poor performance this past week, I somehow managed to loose 1.2lbs, yep, that put my total up to 14.6lbs. Imagine the impact that carrying 3 bags of sugar around with you all day, or two gallons of milk, one in each hand. That is what I have lost so far. I am a little over half way to my 10% goal in only 5 weeks. This week motivates me to have a really good week, because I think if I can loose a little wieght on a bad week, how much can I loose as a good steward of my body?


Tigger said...

hey Jon,

Congrats on loosing even on a bad week. I am a lifetime member and it always amazes me how when I think I have had the worst week I end up loosing. I have been following your blog from the link on Maggies site (My husband and I went to China with Allison and David to get our daughter Emma). I followed your site because we too are BIG Barenaked Ladies Fans. We really love their music and when I saw your title I knew I had to read along. Keep up the great work, 10% will come quickly! Congrats. Brooke

Anonymous said...

Dear SHAbon, Hope all is well. I'm still your cute little mommy! Proud of ya ! Later Gator xxoo

workindaze said...

Jon, that is great! the panda at the Atanta zoo hs grown from a stick of butter to 5 lbs. of sugar (size wise).

your coments on Maggie were great today.

Allison's Mom