Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Relapse Week

So, I had a bad week, tomorrow I weigh in and I know I have gained 2 or 3 pouds back. Still, I am lighter, I plan to really stick to my system, be a good boy, and see how it goes. I went to a wedding on Saturday, the groom's family was Italian so there was lasagna, ziti, and HOLY CANOLI'S!!!! Tonight, for Sara's birthday, we went to the Palm and ate. I had a wonderful steak topped with crab meat and hollandaise sauce. 3 cheese potatos au grautin as the side dish, and about the best ceaser salad I have ever tasted in my life. So, I will regroup this week and update you tomorrow on how much I gained, and how I will move forward with loosing weight.

FYI, please remember to vote, mid-term elections are very important, they tell the leaders how they are doing and they tell the parties what they can do between now and 08 to win the big one. I don't want to use this blog as my political pulpit (though I will likely do so from time to time) but I do want to stress that it isn't how you vote, but rather that you vote that makes you a responsible citizen.

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Way to go!!!!!!

We may have quite a crowd
for the game in February.