Saturday, January 10, 2009


1. Neil Patrick Harris is hosting SNL... he is my gay man crush, if only I wasn't straight.

2. I honestly feel a bit of relief that the Panthers lost, I really did not want to have to face them in the Superbowl of my Steelers happen to have made it in.  I am not making assumptions, San Diego gave us all we could handle during the season.

3.  The diet is going pretty well.  I was struggiling at first simply because I was starving.  I was used to ingesting 3000+ calories a day.  So 1800 calories a day is a shock to the system.  I will post the weight lost results for week one on Monday morning... if I remember of course.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen my Jon-Jon

Dawn said...

Are you doing anything physical yet or just working on the diet?

Jon said...

nothing physical... yet. I just want to get into some good eating habits then I can work on some good physical habits. I weigh in for the biggest loser tomorrow, then I will get cranking.

Dawn said...

Good luck at the weigh in!