Friday, January 30, 2009

FSL News

Well Charlotte 49ers are starting to collect the money for the seat licenses.  Amanda and I have discussed this ad nausium and have decided we won't purchase them yet.  Our deciding factors were these: 

1.  The economy sucks, and the first payment of $1,000 is due in April.  Amanda and I would like to take one vacation this year and that would clean our vacation money out.

2. There is no incentive to buy them right away, other than the slim likely hood that they sell out, your assignment will be based on your 49er club ranking in 2013, so I can continue to buy basketball tickets and help my seating assignment.  

3. If we move in the next five years, a possibility if the economy recovers and my company starts growing again, then we would still have to buy tickets and then unload them.  Since they would be a 1aa team, it would probably be pretty hard to break even.  

4. Did I mention the economy sucks.

So, I will continue to buy basketball season tickets, even though no one goes with me to the games except Dawn, and Franklin tomorrow v. Winthrop.  That is my favorite sport anyway.



Dawn said...

Next season I'll buy some too! Let's get seats together and I'll bring the kids. You and the wifey can test drive having a family while I learn to like beer. :)

Jenni said...

WHAT? Basketball is your favorite sport?? How did I not know this?

Your favorite sport should be football because it is AWESOME. If not that it should be baseball because that is only slightly less awesome than football.

(PS There is a possibility that I read this entry wrong because.. you know it's ME and I went out after work... until 3am. INFER FROM THAT WHAT YOU WILL.)

Jon said...

basketball has always been my favorite sport.. pro basketball sucks, in the pro ranks, I love football, baseball, hockey, tennis, women's beach volleyball, golf, then basketball. In college, there is nothing like college basketball.