Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope, the Age of Obama begins today!

I am pretty sure the Blogger has had a million or more posts about the inauguration of Barack Obama today.  I must admit that a little tear appeared on my cheek as a result of watching a black man take the oath of office.  Moreover, I was just plain proud of America for putting him there, proud of him for being someone who can unite and bring common vision, and mostly thrilled to have the "Shame of a Nation" fly back to Texas for good. 

My favorite moment would have to be when he screwed up the oath... he had to have it repeated to him.  Due to his great charisma and unwavering confidence, we sometimes forget that the man is human.  I like that he stumbled on the oath, just a little reminder, he breathes air just like you and I do.  With any luck, in four years, he will get it right.  

I am full of hope, optimism, whatever you call it.  My head is high, I am ready to help in whatever way my life can add value to this country.  If President Obama wants me to do something within my abilities, yes I will.  I will answer his call for the next generation of men to be better fathers, not absent or neglectful, to teach their children right from wrong and all moral virtues.  I will answer his call for more community service, to help the downtrodden among us not through socialist like policies but by doing my part, helping my neighbor, being a better citizen.  

I am full of hope because my friends in the military, the many I have lived with, drank with, loved, are in the hands of someone who I believe have their best interests and the military's best interest at heart, not settling a family score or pining for higher oil prices to get rich.  I am hopeful that President Obama will bring home all of my people, all of your people, all of our people safely and securely.  

I love this country!


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Dawn said...

Yea Obama!

I did notice the Oath Oops, but read online it was Justice Roberts that got it wrong...so maybe Obama REALLY IS A ROBOT?