Monday, January 05, 2009

Diet Day One

I really do not plan to post everyday about my unfatting, however, I must say I am starving.  I am going to bed early, right after I post just so I won't feel hungry anymore.  I ate enough today, about 1800 calories but the problem is I have been pounding 3000+ per day.  My body is lost without the cokes, vaults, and all the caffeinated crap I have been drinking.  I spent the day at work with a withdrawal headache and empty stomach.  Since this is my second diet attempt, I know that this will pass in a few days, it just hurts right now.  The hardest part is when people bring in a smelly burger and fries... I COVET!!!


Anonymous said...

Go Jon-Jon I hate that you inherited my best genes or jeans Heart Mum

Dawn said...

You can do this! Be strong! (For the decaffinating headaches, try green tea.)

Anonymous said...


I know you can do this. Good luck. Aunt Annie

Anonymous said...


You are doing this for the only
reason that matters. You want to.

All the best.