Sunday, January 25, 2009

Currently, I am trying my best to NOT watch Gilmore Girls with Amanda.  She got the first season on NetflixI am so sore today... I went and played flag football today for the first time since November.  I had to play QB to catch my breath and now of course my arm is in a lot of pain... I guess having no athletic talent takes its toll on your body and your psyche.  Not to mention your self-esteem. Anywho, I threw two interceptions and I really hope that does not mean that Ben will do the same thing.  

I cannot wait for the Super Bowl, I also cannot wait for it to be over.  I get to shave my beard off then and that will make Amanda smile.  I am doing the whole hockey guy thing showing solidarity with my Steelers.  

I will update tomorrow with my weight loss... should be a slow week for that, but we did eat out twice and exercised great restraint.  

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