Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I just made up a word, randawesome, its something awesome that happens randomly.  Something randomly awesome just happened to me.

So I went to work for two hours worth of meetings and I happened to get a phone call while I was there.  A gentleman who used to work there was on the line, I was suprised to hear from him.  This guy happens to be working on the Speed Racer movie, he did all the soundtrack and sound mixing stuff.  They were working on the music for the DVD extra features and wanted to make a song for/about the car.  

Me, him, and another dude are supposed to get together in the next week to write a song about a car.  They needed a subject matter expert who also writes poetry, rock on, finally my dual skills of automotive knowledge and mastery of prose has paid off.  By paid off I think I get a t-shirt or something of that nature.

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Anonymous said...

That's great a new summer wardrobe!! XXOO Mum