Sunday, May 04, 2008

Milwaukee Mile

I got to share the track with the legends. Foyt, Andretti, Earnhardt, Ricky Bobby, and Jon Bradshaw have now all conquered the Milwaukee Mile! I had to get up early, we met up in the North Shore and motored up to Milwaukee. We met at the fairgrounds, five Chicago MINIs with about a dozen Milwaukee MINIs.

Today's Drive The Mile was also a food drive and car show combo. There were all kinds of cars, from a replica Mystery Machine to a replica Dale Earnhardt, no really, this guy looked just like him. We got to do three laps, I lollygagged and was able to get a few hot corners in while playing catch up. This was a corner at about 80 mph.

Tamara has my new favorite Cooper, she wasn't wasting time with dull vinyl overlays, no, she went air brush with the snow leopard.

The best in show was this classic cooper, those are 10 inch rims, he called them "Half-Dubs." He wins best in show in my heart because it is all original, all MINI, and most of all proves that small is the new big.

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