Sunday, May 25, 2008

A couple of Jelly Bellies at the Jelly Belly tour

Amanda and I went to a party for an associate of mine that is transferring to another store and graduated last week.  It was up in Wisconsin and while on the way home we saw that there was a Jelly Belly factory and they offered tours.  It is off the same exit at the Prime Outlets Pleasant Prairie and a Culvers.  One exit, one day, one hour away.  

We were pretty psyched, after we enjoyed Butter Burgers and Frozen Custard we headed on down to the factory.  Walking up, I can be quoted as saying "Alright, old people are here, this tour is going to be awesome."  We walked into the front, nice long line, we had to wait a few minutes and were the last ones on the train to..... the.... 


Uberdisappointment was abound as we went around the outside wall of a Warehouse, not a factory, and got to watch how they made Jelly Bellies on televisions mounted to a wall.  We did get to see them loading and unloading pallets of beans to put on a truck.  Even the tour conductor hated her job.  If it weren't for the cool guy at the sample bar making Amanda a Cherry Vanilla Coke combo, we would have been pissed off by a free tour.  

As you would expect.... outlet shopping was quite fantastic.  Amanda got some new "high performance" polos from Columbia's outlet, I picked up a new waterproof jacket for auction trips, it is hard to find waterproof and lightweight for those 85 degree rainy days.  I got some more work shorts at Eddie Bauer.  We both hooked up some new smelly good juice (cologne / perfume).  Amanda got Burberry and I got Issey Miyagi.  Shopping is such an uplifting experience, damn advertisers.

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