Thursday, May 22, 2008

Music cues up memories

Ever find yourself driving and are suddenly thinking about someone? I often think I should make a list of songs and who I think of when I hear them. My biggest worry about creating such a list is that I will color what that person thinks of the song. Seriously, what if I pick a song that makes me think of you and you hate that song so much it offends you?

This list might also not be so good because it may be a love song, or the lyrics might not really apply to how I feel about that person. Sometimes songs are background music to a very funny joke that all play in the same memory. You say you want an example, fine, an example you shall have.

Sara, every time I hear Sir Mix-a-lot's "Baby Got Back" I think of her. The main reason, when we were talking about her then-pending wedding she gasped and said "that is it, I am walking down the aisle to 'Baby Got Back.'" The lyrics don't really apply to how I feel about her, but I cannot help but see her bootie dancing down the aisle in her wedding dress.

So I am still thinking about making such a list, I am also super curious of what songs remind you guys of me.

The List:

Sara - "Baby Got Back" Sir Mix-A-Lot
added 5-26
Dhara - "Push" MB20
Ashley- "Angel Of Mine" Monica
Andy- "Meterossa" Mellow Man Ace
Mom- "A pirate looks at 40" Jimmy Buffett (The first Buffett song I remember her playing)
Merph- "She's always right" Clay Walker
Kelli- "The Promise" Tracy Chapman
Aunt Annie- "King of somewhere hot" Jimmy Buffett
David- "What would you say" DMB
Tim- "Boondocks" Little Big Town
Dad- "Pretty Woman" Roy Orbison (my dad used to actually sing this song in the car... funny)
Amanda- "If you're not the one" Daniel Beddingfield (among a million others)
Dhara- "Pepper" Butthole Surfers

I will add periodically if I think of more... and I will.


Dhara said...

I always think of you whenever I hear anything BNL. "Ganster's Paradise" 'cause we always played that in your living room (anything from "Pure Moods" for the same reason.) "Money Ain't a Thing" reminds me of you and Emily on our beach trip. I know there are more, but I agree that songs that remind you of someone have more to do with a situation than the lyrics. Lots of depressing Radio Head and Guster remind me of Chase, b/c we listened to them early in our relationship. The only one that reminds me of him b/c of lyrics is Fountains of Wayne "Hey Julie". Ha, it also reminds me of my crappy job. Eve 6 - "Inside Out" reminds me of Ashley because we would yell the lyrics "tie me to the bedpost!" The Macarena and Alanis Morisette remind me of Kelli. The former b/c we learned the dance at camp together and the latter because we had a sleepover to stay up late and see her on SNL.

andy said...

lol i forgot bout menterossa , i jus got a mp3 that works , and put in the old school stuff like KLF , Das EFX , Domino , Pharcyde , Geto Boys , Nate Dogg & Warren G ..etc... i gotta find that menterossa song now lol .