Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gender Debate

So we had a great discussion this morning about the process of buttoning jeans.  This is one of those discussions that couples can only have on a lazy Sunday morning. 

Amanda's Stance:  Women will zip up their jeans before buttoning them.

Jon's Stance:  All people will button the top and then zip up. 

Agreed Upon:  Button-fly makes this a non issue.  

We need multiple third party opinions to settle this debate.  Please post a comment and weigh in. 


Allison said...

Sorry, Amanda. I button, then zip.

Jenni said...

I suppose I could do it both ways, but the button then zip is far more comfortable for me. (Sorry Amanda!)

Dhara said...

Siding with the wife - Zip then button

andy said...

button first , adjust second , zip up third .

Barb said...

button first, then zip......sorry, Amanda!!!