Friday, December 08, 2006

Relocation Update

We got the apartment! Our house is under contract and will close on December 19th.

I took our breakfront and dining room table to the storage facility today. They are both very nice pieces of furniture that are too nice to give away, and when Amanda and I finally get another house, we want to have those to move into the house.

Amanda picked up her keys to her Ballantyne Apt. We took the sleeper sofa up there, that will be her bed for the next 6 months. The house is kinda empty.

The moving van will pack and load our stuff for Chicago on the 13th... quick huh? We are not sure yet about the drop off date, I am trying to get a firm date from the driver so I know if our holiday plans will work out, sad to say, it doesn't look very good. I will be back before Christmas regardless.

I plan to work the "13th Month" (retail term for the week between xmas and new years) in Charlotte and then be permanently in Chicago at the begining of January.

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Anonymous said...

So the movers load up all your stuff today. That's a wierd feeling...watching an entire houseful of your things being swallowed up by an enormous truck! Then you're hit by "Oh no! What have I done?" It's exciting and scary too. We expect to hear all about it when you are home for Christmas!!!

Aunt Barb