Thursday, December 21, 2006

Relocation Day Three

So woke up way too late, even on central time. Who cares though, I am just time and learning my way around this place until the moving guys show up. I feel like a homeless vagabond with no ties to anywhere. I decided I wanted to check out the hub store in Schaumburg, IL.

I was not aware of how far this place was. One thing I learned about the difference of sprawl of 1.2 million people (Charlotte) and 8.4 million people (Chicago) is that when you drive 20 miles away in most directions from Charlotte, you will find a farm or a forrest. When you drive 20 miles from Chicago, you will find Charlotte. Schaumburg is the largest of the Chicago suburbs and our store there is huge. It is a very nice looking red and tan brick building, hardly looks like a Carmax at all. The front lot is roughly the same size as our Independence store. As I was checking out the local Wendy's, Mitch the van driver called.

Mitch said that he would be there in a couple hours to drop my stuff off. I got to the apartment around 3 and called him, he said he was about 3-4 hours away (to me, that is more than a "couple") so I went back to the hotel. I chilled for a few hours and decided that before rush hour hit, I would go to Evanston and see what local eatery I would like to sample.

I tried the local greek place, the food sucked but I think I didn't really order something I would have likes, so I am willing to give it another shot. I of course saw a place as I was walking down Main Street that was right up my alley, so I know where I am going to eat tomorrow. I went to the local coffee shop, bypassing the Starbucks on the way, I want to keep my money in the community when I can, a little lesson Aunt Annie always taught us. She eats at the Red Lion in Elizabeth not because the food is so great, but because there are jobs attached to that place and Elizabeth needs all the help it can get. I went back to the apartment and waited, and waited...

I met one of my neighbors while I was knocking on doors to pre-apologize for the impending noise. His name is Robert, his wife was out of town visiting relatives and he works in sales for some kind of medical supplier. He and I chatted about the area and what drew each of us to the Evanston area. Everyone I have met so far has applauded me for our choice and been nothing but positive about the community.

Finally our stuff arrived, about 5 of 8. Unlike the loading process, I had to help. There were too many steps. The alley behind my building made my apartment pretty accessable but the stairs were very steep, they would not pass any building codes today, my guess is that they are "grandfathered" in because of the building's age. Some of the bigger stuff, like the headboard, dressers, and my desk had to be hauled in the front door and brought up those steps. So now all the crap is piled high in the living room.

Agenda for tomorrow, 1, meet my new boss and my new boss' boss, 2, unpack some stuff if I can and sort through some crap, try to figure out where to put things.

Friday.... shopping day!!!

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