Thursday, December 21, 2006

Relocation Day Two

So I woke up a little late, of course with the time difference, I was right on time ;-). I drove from my hotel in Glenview to Evanston, my future home. I had done some research the night before on parking, registration, and driver's licenses. Now aware of all the rules, I parked in front of my building and walked the block and a half to the "L," hopped on the purple line, transferred to red, then to brown. I got off and walked 12 blocks (1.5 miles) to the Wirtz Realty Company and the leasing office. I sat down, spent all of three minutes signing paperwork, got my key release so my super can hand me those, off onto Belmont street I went.

I got on the bus and rode through Lincoln Park (the 151 Manders, we spent most of our trip here on that bus) and got off and the top of the "Magnificent Mile." I got a hot dog from a street vendor, just chilli though, I was not willing to spend the points on some cheese. I called Amanda, walked into a few stores, being that I paid a deposit on the apartment, first month's rent, AND my mortgage this month, money is, shall we say, a bit tight, so I did not feel much like shopping. My house is supposed to close on Friday and I can loosen the purse strings enough to buy a few presents, maybe even make a car payment! The store fronts were quite well decorated and were fun to look at. I strolled down the Mile to the Loop, where I caught the Brown line train back up to the Red, to the Purple, and off at my South Blvd. stop back to the building. I met with my super, walked around my apartment a little bit, imagined the furniture placement.

I headed back to the hotel at about 4:30, I didn't feel like dealing with rush hour, traffic was a little heavy. It seems that as long as you avoid highways, you are in good shapes when you are in and around the "close-in 'burbs." Most of the people who live way out there are the ones who clog the interstates.

As I headed downstairs after a swim and a shower, I went downstairs and was headed for dinner, while checking my e-mail I smelled italian food, I was right. It turns out that this hotel serves a free dinner, tonight was meatball subs with some chips. Best of all, free Miller Lite on tap. Needless to say with free beer, I blew a few of my weekly points allowance.

Watched a Duke game... went to bed.

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Been there and had the same thoughts amdome of the
sames experiences..

See you Sat or at least Sunday.