Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Temper Tantrum Tuesday

Just a little tardy on today's Temper Tantrum Tuesday. Oh the inspirations..... um, its a gimme, c-mon folks.... Panther's fans. Not the Providence H.S. Panthers, not the University of Pittsburgh Panthers, but the Carolina Panthers fans. I know the weather is mild, but Panther fans put real meaning into the term "fair weather fans." These are the same people who sold out the first games last season because they were just in the Super Bowl, then when it looked like they were barely going to make the playoffs, you couldn't give away your tickets to anyone. Now that the Panthers are in the NFC title game, the whole city of Charlotte is acting like they have been on board the entire time. Yeah, I am talking to you Mr. Ford Expedition with two flags in the window, a PSL, and a pre-game barbeque but can't name a player who doesn't have a jersey in the Panther Store. Now my friend Tim, he is as dedicated as they come.... but he does't even go to games. My team, the Steelers, and I am maybe the least dedicated Steelers fan there is but I do know that even in the pre-season it is hard to step into Heinz Field with a game ticket. If Carolina, and especially Charlotte wants to act like it is a sports town... we need to start selling some Checker's tickets, the best basketball in town is off of highway 49, and will someone please go to a Bobcats game so that the arena I voted against will have some warm seats.... I HATE CHARLOTTE!!!! Why can't I move? (another Temper Tantrum, hmmm, maybe next week... look forward to 10 reasons why I want to leave Charlotte.)

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Allison said...

All I have to say is it could be LaGrange, GA. Could be a whole lot worse. A WHOLE LOT worse.