Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Temper Tantrum Tuesday

Temper Tantrum Tuesday: Well, once again I have to rely on late inspiration for my Tirade of the week. In the immortal words of Flava Flav and Chuck D. (Public Enemy for you white kids) "Man, Fuck the Po-Lice>" Matthews cops have a chip the size the size of Mint Hill on their shoulder, and much like the paint chips we all ate in elementary school, they are lead based chips. I have personally been pulled once by a Matthews cop, all bent out of shape over me going too fast in a parking lot. Amanda, in the last 6 months has been pulled over twice by these Super Troopers. They pulled her tonight for a nice rolling stop, which granted is illegal, but at 8:30pm with on one in the intersection, isn't there someone in the downtown area breaking into the antiques store that you need to worry about? Now, she got a warning, and much to her credit, the officer made the right choice... But what's with the attitude? Why is it that cops feel good about catching you, yes I know it is your job to enforce the laws, the laws are rules. But the spirit of the rule, not the rule, is in the mantra the men and women in blue repeat often and you can never miss on NBC every night of the week (Law & Order). That mantra is "to protect and serve." Now the rule says you should come to complete stop at a stop sign. By that sense, Amanda broke the rule, guilty. But the spirit of the law is to protect, was Amanda in any danger? Did she pose a threat by pulling a Fred Durst (keep rollin' rollin' rollin')? Uh, no. So to any respected members of the force who will be severely offended by this tantrum, uh, my bad, but fuck the police!

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Allison said...

Poor 'Manda. Glad she only got a warning. Dude, Matthews must be kept safe from the likes of her.