Sunday, January 08, 2006

Friendly Friday

Friendly Friday: Sara. Sara I would say is the bestust friend. I have known Sara for about 7 years I guess. I met her during my senior year of high school, well the summer between my senior year and my frosh year of college. She and I were instant pals, she was dating my friend Nick, who warned her about his "gay" friend that wasn't. Sara is the reason I have a college degree. She has her place on that nice piece of paper hanging in the hallway of my house. We fought through relationships, classes, community service, heartaches, annoying friends, and various other problems that popped up in life. Sara was a naive girl when I met her, now she is a mature, gorgeous, wife to Tim. I would say we watched each other grow up, but that would assume that I am grown up and I think that is a bit much to say. Sara is very important to me because she has always expected a lot of my, and sometimes I would let her down, but she loves me unconditionally and I have needed that at every point in my life, from then, and even more now. Ultimately, Sara is the reason some people still call me JB.

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