Monday, January 23, 2006

Steelers Win!

So I watched my Pittsburgh Steelers beat the shit out of the Broncos. What a good game, dominated early, held of the surge, and put them away when they had the chance. Way to go! I went to Sara and Tim's which seems to have become my Sunday tradition. Amanda did not join, she was playing catch up with some lesson plans as she begins to take over Jovanna's classroom this week. Good luck babe!

My friend Anna brought over a guy she went on her first date with last night, but it was someone who you will know. There are only about 3 people who read this blog, so I know you all know who Brent "Bandy-Boo" O'Brian is from the Matt & Ramona show. Yeah, so in odd circumstance, I sat next to him and watched the Panther's have their asses handed to them on a platter by a bunch of teal-clad Seahawks. He just hurt his thumb yesterday so he was on pain medication and then he drank some beer. Wasn't quite the talkative guy I expected, but he looked high as a kite. Nice man though.

I feel bad for Tim though, he got to watch me celebrate, make bragging phone calls, get congratulatory phone calls, all the spoils that go to the victor. I watched his team get beat from pillar to post and 8 beers into the night think of something sensitive and nice to say. I offended everyone but him, that WAS the best I could do.

My apologies go to:

Erin- you are not fat, anyone though who will not leave the nachos long enough to have a conversation in the other room can be called one of the two fat kids, I was the other.

Bandy- Uh, just because I said Laura Paulka (Channel 9 news) has a "face for radio" does not imply that all who are in radio are ugly.

Anna- Damn, I didn't know Trixie I had died, so when you referred to Trixie, I didn't know about Trixie II and was caught off guard, my bad.

This was fun night, I wish Amanda had been there to celebrate the Steelers Glory, but she is required by "girlfriend law" to make it to the big game. GO STEELERS!!!

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