Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My poor niners

Uh-oh, one and six and Niner Nation seems to have given up all hope for decent year.

BOLD PREDICTION:  The Niners will end the regular season .500 or better AND we will win the conference tournament as a 4 seed upsetting Xavier in the semis.

Of course, Lamont Mack can not end up in the poster of some guy from Cal State Fullerton like below.  (Please note the huge crowd in the background)

Since the Tarheels have nothing but themselves standing between them and the NCAA tournament, I just want to do well in the A-10 and get rocked in the first round.


Andy said...

I think its time for a coaching change , Lutz has done well , but not the last few seasons ,so it maybe a time for a new fresh start over there ! Atleast Football is coming to town soon, and Baseball is good , so not all is bad at UNCC .

Jon said...

I am with you, I have lost my Lutz Loyalist mentality. I just want it to be someone who wants to be there for a while. Unless, it is Bobby Knight. Who would you go after?

Andy said...

idk bout names off hand , but i'd go after a young assistant off like unc , duke or an annual top 20 team , maybe someone from a powerhouse team in a 1-bid conf. ( a buzz peterson type ) like tenn. did with bruce pearl .