Monday, December 01, 2008

Holiday Festivities

I was sitting here wondering if I have anything to blog about.  I kept thinking that I was out of ideas.  I am in the new house, I really don't have much coming up, just waiting on WINI's graphics to come in a be installed.  Then I remembered, oh yeah, Jesus' birthday is coming up.  Our holiday schedule is nuts this year.  The calm of last year's holidays was so enjoyable I must admit.  I love seeing all of you, but, I have to admit it rocked not to go anywhere or have any plans.  It was a touch sad though.  So on to this year.  We have:

December 6th- Eli & Colleen's party, Tim & Sara's party
December 10th- Amanda's Birthday
December 13th- Amanda's Birthday party (details to come family and friends)
December 19th- David & Rege's birthday bash
December 21st- Family Christmas gift exchange, Charlotte 49ers basketball game.

Other than my retail work schedule, I will try to make all events I possibly can.  I hope to get invited to many more events and just forget to sleep.

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Dawn said...

Thought of you and if you only had a little girl to give this too!
Merry X-Mas,