Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Meeting someone you already know.. kinda.

On Sunday I got to go to a Charlotte 49ers game with Dawn, a long but not lost friend from Jr. High School.  While at the Northbeast, I shared several classes with Dawn, I know we ate lunch at the same table at times and would also talk in the mysterious wasteland that was the grouping of benches behind the cafeteria.  After leaving grade schools we never really had any contact.  Hence the beauty of facebook.  

Through facebook, I got to learn about what she was up to now.  I read through her profile and she even posted a picture of me from the eighth grade.  I would read her blog (to the right on my links) about parenting, she would comment on mine.  

I posted available tickets here, she took me up on the offer.  As an aside, we got four adults and three kids in for free, wicked awesome.  I met her husband and kids, got to know her a little bit about what she did in the 9 years or so that had passed between us.  

The best part and to me most interesting part was getting to know someone you kind of already know.  Most of time when you first meet someone you are trying to figure out if they are a good person, you are hoping that they are not crazy.  You are trying to see if there is something about them that would prevent a friendship.  This time is different because those questions were answered a long time ago.  So I just had to listen to what she actually had to say and get to know all about her.  So really, I was getting to know someone I already know.  
No clue wether that makes sense.  I look forward to hanging out with Dawn and family again soon.  


Andy said...

The ppl who did x-mas shoes should be punched , there is no more depressing song for x-mas , i f'n hate it , and turn it off everytime i sense it coming on !

Dawn said...

Jonathan, I replied to your post with a post of my own --of course! Check it out! http://ipretendwithyou.blogspot.com/