Sunday, June 25, 2006

Week from Hell

Date: Monday, June 19th..... Time: 11ish..... Disposition: Sunny...... Weather: Hot, Humid, the Devil is sweating......

Phone Call:
Amanda: Hey hun!
Jon: Hey baby I was just talking about you (I say that ONLY when I wasn't talking about Amanda)
Amanda: Poor you, listen, the house is like 82 degrees
Jon: Well I didn't turn it up before leaving this morning.
Amanda: I don't think the A/C is working
Jon: I will check it when I get home

Later the same day:
Amanda: So, it's like 95 degrees in the house
Jon: Shit, I will call the warrany people

Even Later the same day
Jon: Hi, my name is Jon, my A/C is not working, I have a repair order from my warranty company.
A/C Dispatcher: Sure, it looks like we can get there Monday!!!
Jon: Aw great, when should I expect you?
A/C Dispatcher: We will call before we come, sometime between 10-3.
Jon: It is seven o'clock ma'am
A/C Dispatcher: I know, I was talking about next Monday.

Tuesday, Jon in Pittsburgh(74 degrees, 40% humid), Charlotte's heat index reaches 108 degrees

Wednesday, Jon still in Pittsburgh (72 degrees, 60% humid), Charlotte's heat index 109 degrees

Thursday, Jon at work, Charlotte's heat index reaches 116 degrees, missed record by 1, our house is roughly 96 degrees, kitties are not impressed with Daddy's warranty. After work, I have to cut up what remains of the tree in my front yard and lay it out in squares no taller than waist high and no wider than a human's wingspan, per the trashmen. Mommy and Daddy sleep at Grandma Linda's house, kitties do not.

Friday, Amanda packing in 90 degree + house, we sleep at Grandpa Brodie's house. Heat index reaches a cool 110 degrees.

Saturday, Jon drops Amanda & rents at the airport, goes to work, heat index w/ clouds 98 degrees, fuck you Nick Lachey.

Day, Sunday, June 25th...... disposition: Angry, half cocked, ready to fight....... Weather: Jon is looking to relocate to Nova Scotia, or Pittsburgh, F Charlotte!!!!

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