Friday, June 09, 2006


Wow, who would have thought it would come this soon? Actually, Amanda has been very graceful in what has been a long week for both of us. She has already been looking a wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, and has checked out MPUMC's church calendar to get a feel for available dates. You go girl, I am just hoping to learn not to call her my girlfriend, she is my fiance.

On other fronts. I will be going to Pittsburgh every Tuesday but one for the next seven weeks. I am going to a baseball game with my Uncle Neil next Wednesday night and I will be staying for a couple days with my Aunt Annie while everyone is on vacation. My softball team benefitted from a forefiet this evening and moves on in the league playoffs. Next week we play the #4 Dilworth United Methodist Wise Guys to go to the Championship (we are the DUMC Wise Men, #1 seed, and we beat them last time we played and we crushed them during the scrimmage we played tonight.) I do want B**** to notice that this is the first time I have talked about softball in my blog since the first game of the season. Also, you are suppose to post more often than I do, that is how I know I am suppose to post. Gah!

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Allison said...

sorry, that's school's out, I'll try to post more regularly. Want to come to Southpark for the pops concert w/ us and rege and barb on Sunday??