Saturday, June 17, 2006


Since I have met the love of my life, er, well the second love of my life, Sirius Sat. Radio, I have become a critic. They give you all kinds of little tidbits about the artists and the songs, I just love it. Here are some songs that I like/love that are currently on the radio.

Keane- "Is It Any Wonder?"- This song is a great euro-pop rock song a la Oasis or Coldplay. They don't seem to be hitting a sophomore slump after their first album "Hopes & Fears" did so well with the song "Somewhere Only We Know." That song is featured in that new Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves movie "The Lake House."

Mary J. Blidge- "One"- Mary, the latest in a long line of Diva's in the soul community has her first new album out in 3-4 years, after the success of her first single, she released this cover of the classic U2 song "One." My biggest pet peave for anyone is when you cover a song, PLEASE be original. Although the song does not sound exactly the same, when you use the band who originally recorded the song to do the back up vocals and music, you can hardly call it a cover. It is like she is sharing the stage at one of the million benefit concerts Bono supports in SE Africa. That being said, she puts a good spin on the song and I think I like her GUEST VOCALS (not a cover) version almost as much as the original song.

DMC f/ Sarah McLachlan- "Just Like Me"- Unlike above, this cover of Harry Chapin's hit song "Cat's In The Cradle" has a very unique twist. First of all, this time the lyrics are rapped by DMC (of Run DMC fame) and then the chorus is sung at 50% faster by Sarah Mac. Some of the lyrics were changed and the only music that was used from the original recording is the string arangement at the end of the chorus. This is a very cool cover song.

I am noticing a trend in pop music that cover songs are back in style like the were in the mid-90's. Sheryl Crow covered Cat Steven's "First Cut Is The Deepest" last year. I have heard pieces of Cat Stevens on Jimmy Buffett albums, I have heard Neil Diamond pieces on some hip hop records. UB40 was so ahead of their time!! They covered Neil Diamond's "Red Red Wine, Can't Help Falling In Love With You, and Cherry Cherry." Who hasn't covered Neil Diamond songs, Elvis did it (11 times), the Monkees & Smashmouth (I'm a believer) and Urge Overkill (Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon). Neil Diamond rules, though I own nothing of his repitoire.

I cannot wait to hear someone 20 years from now ripping off Eminem, 50cent, or Blink 182 for a rif and some kid calls it old school. That is the measure of being old!!!

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Jon said...

Who would win in a deathmatch, Neil Diamond vs. Barry Manilow vs. Cat Stevens vs. Andy Dick???