Sunday, April 16, 2006

High Five Easter Edition.

(B*, I hope these are more specific and varied and are completely devoid of softball references, except for this run on sentence you have just finished reading right..... now)
1. I enjoyed our church a lot this holy week. I am very sad that our Senior Pastor is leaving to be a superintendent in Greensboro, but good for him. We didn't make the Sunday Sunrise service, we did catch the second chance one though, 9:00am Sharpe.
2. We spent Easter with my friends Sara, Tim, Barbara, Rick, Richard, Vicki, Anna, Shay, and Kathy at Sara & Tim's house. It was very much like an episode of "Friends" where the people are all away from their families for a big holiday, only I wasn't. I miss my family on holidays like this. I don't think the whole family (by that I mean the Malady's) have been together in many years, if I had a house like my Uncle John's, I would host a Clark Griswold family Christmas, just to see what that would be like. Holiday's are very hard for divorced kids. On Christmas this past year, we went to 4 celebrations in 36 hours, I think I need to work harder at maybe hosting one and making everyone come to us!!!
3. Amanda's graduation party is coming up soon, I think May 13th, around 5ish. I am most looking forward to decorating her hat. This will be the fourth in the JB designer series of graduation caps. Sara and I partnered up on the color extravaganza that was Anna's hat in December of 2003. In December of 2004, Anna and I returned the favor and made the lighted spectacle (unfortunate by product is weight) that would be Sara's cap. Then in May of 2005 I completed the simple, yet colorful, also it was the hat that stuck to a theme, for Liz. For Amanda's I have a new partner, her best friend Marlies and I will be making quite the hat. I have many ideas, I want it to stand out but not be goofy, tacky, and worst of all, heavy.
4. Due to some recent events at work, I have really been contemplating my career and my goals. I love the company, I like the job, but I need to make sure I am able to address my personal needs while fulfilling my career goals. I sometimes think I would enjoy a more consistent schedule, being that my family and friends are VERY often neglected for my job, I think a nice 8-5er M-F would be more suitable. I also am trying to think of other industries that might interest me. My other issue is just that of fulfillment. I make the pockets of already rich men deeper. I do not help people learn like teacher, I don't heal the sick like nurses, I am not making the community better other than we don't rip off customers like 80% of the other dealerships out there. I do think that graduate school or maybe even seminary could be in the distant future for me. I would make a good pastor I think.
5. I do know that one of my five year goals is to complete disciple bible study at my church. I have a strong lack of religious understanding. I feel spiritual, but I would like to have more academic knowledge of the scripture. I quit bible school when I was 9, I never really went back to many Catholic Masses after that, I would go with Emily in High School and then in college I found protestant services and environments more appealing, later choosing the United Methodist Church to be my home. But I feel like I need to learn about my choice and broaden my faith.

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Allison said...

Much better....I approve. Interesting as well.
The whole divorced thing is why we go to LaGrange every year for Christmas and why everyone who wants to must come to us on Thanksgiving. It sucks, though, I know.