Friday, April 14, 2006

Copy Cat Alert (Homage to B!@*%)

Random Factoids & Comments
1. Amanda gets mad girlfriend points for stocking the house with snack food yet also regulating me by serving size!
2. Happens to be the number of victories the Dilworth United Methodist Church Wise Men have, and zero losses. Our other team, DUMC Wise Guys, is also undefeated.
3. Also happens to be the number of hits I had tonight
4. In this many at bats
5. For those who cannot follow, that is 2-0 and I batted 3 of 4 tonight.
6. Amanda went to Maundy Thursday and I skipped to play softball. You know, I do think I will catch Tewsdy Friday or maybe even a little Windsdi Saturday if I can this week. We will certainly be making the sunrise Sondy Sunday service, unless we can't get up, then we will go at nine, unless we still can't get up, in which case we will go to the eleven, if we still can't get up, we are going straight to Pewter Rose for brunch.
7. This blog entry seemed a lot funnier when I was in my post-game shower, in retrospec, you have gained nothing by reading this entry. I hope I distracted you from dispair or at least from catching up on some work!!!!

1 comment:

Allison said...

You must share more random stuff. NOT just about softball. Are y'all going to come to ReRe's today? I made a caramel cheeeeesecake!!!!!!!! :)