Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fixtures and Such

Today was my day off, so I started it off at Lowes, buying some wire stripper/cutters and some electrical tape. This is a direct result of Amanda and I dropping $200 in light fixtures last night. I spent the rest of my day installing said light fixtures. The first one in the foyer took a while, I had to install it 3 times because the mounting brackets that came with sucked. I ended up using the old mounting bracket. Amanda came home and assisted with the hallway light with some light lifting. Then the third one was a bit tough because it was a hanging fixture over the dining room table and we had some work cut out for us. The fourth and last one this week is over the kitchen sink, not quite finished yet, we have to account for some mysterious length issues. I will be buying track lighting for over the kitchen bar shortly and installing that. Once you get the hang of it, it really is quite easy. It really changes the look of the house. I am going to buy some new outside lights in May or June. I want to redo the bathroom lights, we have the fresh from the 1980's vanity lights but both would require refreshing wall treatments. I will try to remember to post pictures tomorrow so you can see!

In other news, I showed my truck to a prospective buyer again today, the first guy never bothered to call back. I hope this guy buys the truck. Amanda did a nice job of selling Amanda and I as an honest all-American couple, at least we are all-American.

At work our Regional Vice President for Merchandising is in town. We are interviewing five people for Buyer-In-Training so we can staff up. The grand opening for the Gastonia store is roughly a year away and we need to have some backfill for the hub store. So my best work friend is back over at the South Blvd. store and I miss him around the office. I don't have a man-crush, but he is my greatest source of entertainment while at work. Another one of my co-workers is relocating for Duarte California, a suburb of L.A. I am about ready for a relocation offer. I still have my heart on Chicago or D.C., but I am not hopeful that it will happen within a year. My life will be different in the coming years, and the older I get the harder it will be to move me, Amanda, and all of the connections we have made in Charlotte.

offer good 7 days / 300 miles.

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Allison said...

You are not permitted to move. Ever. Deal with it.