Sunday, March 26, 2006

Short Skirt & A Long Jacket

Title misleading? Well, I am writing about cake. Manders is proud of her YUMMY cake, so I thought I would share her victory. I am sad to report that when the heat is dry gas heat cranked up to roughly 85 degrees, the icing doesn't hold like it should! Cakes, exception wedding I think, is all about taste. Tasty baked goods is Amanda's fortay, hence my tight body, six pack abs, and 2% body fat. Oh wait, my bad, a six pack in your stomach is not the same as a six pack on your stomach. Well, if a six pack on my stomach means I can't have cake, you can F that in the F N A!!!!!

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Allison said...

Any thoughts on a grad. gift for your honey? Teacher stuff? haha.