Sunday, March 26, 2006

Shoppers, Only Two Types

There are two types of shoppers in this world I have found. Now I know nothing about how to interpret my scientifically collected and analyzed data, but I know there are two types of people. I bet you can think of one of each. This first is the "and I only paid" person. This person got the coolest Gucci belt, but she only paid $X.XX for it, and he, well, he bought a new Porsche but he got such a great deal. These are the people who prove they have money by mentioning how much they paid in the vein attempt to prove how much money they "saved" which makes them grounded and down to earth. Then there is everyone's favorite, that's right, we all know the name dropper, have you met the BRAND NAME DROPPER. I think I closely resemble this egoiste, insecure bunch. As I have spent more of my money on clothing, I am less concerned with labels, but my ex-girlfriend Merph showed me it was okay to have some Wal-mart jeans and I rocked a Wally World shirt for about 2.5 years till it hit Goodwill. This BND is my favorite, because the minute you point to something and say I like that, they have to tell you what the brand it, regardless of price paid, the hope you think it is really expensive. Fact of the matter, most people have no clue if you got your suit from S&K or Mens Wearhouse or maybe Jos. A Bank or Brooks Brothers. Ultimately, you should be the middle ground!

By the way, I bought some Liz Claiborne Axist shoes, but I got them at Kohls for $39.99 +tax!!!! They are cool, if you are into that sort of thing.

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Allison said...

Do we know anyone like this? ;)