Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fashion Fiesta

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My gigantic closet of clothes displayed for the first time for Fashion Fiesta Week.

The GAP's Modern Fit dress shirt.  I have over a dozen of these shirts, funny part is I have to wear a stupid uniform to work so I cannot wear them to work.  I love to rock these multi stripped shirts with jeans and a blazer.

These are my two blazers that I wear quite often.  To the left is my Banana Republic summer weight jacket.  To the right is a GAP moleskin blazer, a little warmer, and super comfy.  Also can look dressed up if I need it to.  The hat in the middle is a patchwork driving cap I bought at an Irish clothier up the street.  

The Jeans I rock with the above blazers and shirts are the best 7 jeans I can find.  From L to R.  GAP Standard Fit, GAP Loose Straight Fit, Levi's 569, Levi's 527, 
GAP Straight Fit, GAP Low-rise Boot Fit, GAP Straight Fit

These are the beloved shoes that are worn all winter, except snowy days.  Top left, Bostonians, Top Right, Keen, Bottom Left, Steve Madden, Bottom Right, Clarks


Destination and Concert t-shirts.  I have this thing about only wearing shirts from places that actually exist.  I cannot stand to see generic shirts from Old Navy or GAP that have a fake store or town.  Why, there are perfectly good real places that are supported by t-shirts?  So these are some of my favorite authentic t's.
From left to right, top to bottom.  Barenaked Ladies "Are Men." Sister Hazel "Absolutely." Danny's Dogsledding and Red Dog Saloon from Alaska (Amanda went).  Fat Head Saloon, Pittsburgh.  Margaritaville, Key West.  Sloppy Joe's, Key West.  Primanti Brothers, Pittsburgh.  Quaker Steak and Lube, Pittsburgh.  Woody's Dive Shop, Hawaii (MJ went).   

When not rocking my t's, I love my polo.  With jeans, with 
shorts, with a blazer, it is so versatile.

In the summer I normally wear shorts, I thought a picture of 13 pairs (I counted) of khaki shorts would just be ridiculous, so I brought out these instead.  I am known to wear some seersucker pants.  Kicking it old school in brown (Banana,) green (Brooks Brothers,) and blue (Ralph Lauren). 

My summer footwear includes a selection of Chuck's.  They are not all that comfy but I love the look.  I learned it from my cousin David, he used to wear the natural white high tops when he was in college.  Above right are my Teva's I got at Bar Harbor.  Sperry's are my every day summer shoe.  I love my Rainbow flops.
When rooting for my favorite team, I love my real deal jerseys.  I adore ebay, it allows you to get authentic jerseys really cheap.  From L to R, Troy Polamalu and Hines Ward from the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Mario Lemiuex from the Pittsburgh Penguins, Kosuke Fukudome of the Cubs.

Thanks for reading my Fashion Fiesta!


Keetha said...

Thanks for taking the "plunge" and joining all this estrogen. :-)

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

It seems like you think a lot more about clothes than most men (or probably even me!). Fun.

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Love it!!Love it!
Thanks for joining us.
Great closet!!!!!

JMom said...

Your closet rivals any man's I know. You are awesome for joining the fiesta!

Nerd Girl said...

I like! Especially the seersucker.

Leigh said...

JOh, HUgs, HUgs! I want to hug you-JUst look at that color coodinated closet! Great and smart choices. LOVE the shoes! Love them! I am so proud of you for joining in! I enjoyed stopping by your blog. I hope you will come and visit my fashion fiesta!

Erin said...

I am so glad a guy did this...yay for you. And yay for chucks and destination t-shirts.

I share your same philosophy on the fake places tees. I have a shirt from Maui that I got on St. Patrick's Day in 96 or's from a bar/grill called Moose McGilucuttys (totally butchered that spelling) and instead of saying Erin Go Braugh it says Erin Go's a prized posession of mine and no one really understand the love.

Trina said...

I like your seersucker pants. My hubs has a pair of tan ones that he wore in a wedding last year. At first I was like, what?! But it turns out they look fab on him.

I love it when a guy has some fashion sense! Glad you decided to participate!

Weasel said...

I love the Chucks! I agree with keetha...thanks for keeping the fiesta more well balanced.

Jessica B. said...

you have more clothes than I do.

Sileena said...

Wow, that took guts! What variety.

Kimberly said...

Jon-- so excited you joined the fiesta!! It was fun to see the guy side of things.

Anonymous said...

I wish my closet was as organized as yours.

Thanks for giving the men a voice!

Anonymous said...

Jon-Jon ,Yo Momma thinks myou need a hobby or something!!!!!!xxoo

Jon said...

My mom is right! I was raised by women, worked at the GAP, clothing is my hobby moms!!! Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome- I wish Big Daddy's wardrobe was as stylin as yours!