Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cubs Win, Cubs Win, Cubs Win

 I went to my fourth Cubs game of this season, I have seen them beat the Astros, the Pirates twice, and now the Mets.  I have already come close to my total of victories observed from last year.  It might be my new Fukudome jersey, it might just be that Fukudome is here that we are winning.

**** NEW RULE ****

I have been discussing this with friends here for a bit, but I do not understand why people where "3rd party jerseys" to any game.  If I am at a Cubs v. Pirates game, do you think it is appropriate to wear a Brewers, Cardinals, or worse, a White Sox jersey to Wrigley?  It is the dumbest phenomenon.  I say go with a gray t-shirt, be Switzerland.  If I were to go to a Blackhawks game, I do not sport my Penguins jersery nor do I don a Steelers jersey at Soldier Field.  My ruling on this matter is this, if you want to wear a 3rd party jersey, save the money you spent on the ticket and drive to where your team is actually playing (home or away, I do not care) and show your support there.  

On the same front, wearing a jersey from a different sport.  I saw two guys wearing Bears jerseys, same city, different teams and sports idiots!  

College caps are acceptable, you never know if they ALWAYS wear that hat!


andy said...

u ALWAYS see steelers uni's at pens or pirates game , i agree with both of what u said bout wearing team jerseys , no 3rd party uni's and no different sport uni's, and yes college stuff is ok anywhere , but what about pro gear at a college event ? i'm ok with that too aslong as its not like all out wardrobe , i saw a ton of redsox hats on bc fans during the frozen 4.

and for gawd sakes tell ur damn scrubbies to quit beating the pirates , jeez !

Anonymous said...

Jon-Jon,YouHAVE more rules than BoBo LUV MUM