Thursday, February 21, 2008

Perspective on Cold

So living in Chicago, cold is not just a daily conversation, it is simply a way of life. You suit up, you go out, you just bear it. Really, unless you work out of doors, it isn't all that bad. I was able to put this into perspective on my last auction trip.

I arrived in Minneapolis, MN at 11am on Tuesday, it was cold, about 10 degrees above, sunny and completely gorgeous. Minne is one of the cleanest and nicest places I have ever been to and I enjoy this trip a great deal. We previewed, it got a touch colder as we went to dinner and it dropped to about 0. When that burst of cold air hits your lungs from a night of drinking and eating it makes you choke, and we all did a little cough or two. After a few games of pool and a few night caps, we settled in.

I awoke Wednesday morning, turned on the local news as I always do to get a check of the weather. The first thing I hear is "the coldest night of the winter here." Oh shit! In North Carolina, that means nothing, maybe a dip below freezing. If you are waking up to the coldest morning in Minneapolis in February, ouch. I suited up, it kind of reads like a mastercard commercial.

From bottom to top.

Two pairs of Clarks wool blend socks
One pair of Clarks Thinsulate lined boots
One set of toe warmers (miracle pouches that heat to 130 degrees for 7 hours)
Under Armor Cold Gear leggings
Long Johns by Sears... hell yeah!
Fleece lined Khakis by J. Crew
Under Armor Cold Gear mock turtleneck
Wool Sweater by the Gap
Under Armor Cold Gear Charlotte 49ers Hoodie
3 in 1 Hoodoo parka by Columbia
Baclava by Serius
Snow Hood by Headsokz

That's like a grand worth of clothes and accessories and I was pretty toasty. It takes your breath away when you breath in the -12 degree temp (-40 windchill), and you get used to it after about 20 minutes. It warmed up to around 0 when I had to take 1 of the 4 layers around my head off.

So when the forecast called for 18 degrees tonight, that is 30 degrees warmer than yesterday. That is the same difference between a Charlotte winter day (50ish) and a Charlotte spring day (80ish). Brrrrr!!!


Anonymous said...

Better you than me, Jon! We all know I don't do COLD.
Luv, Aunt Barb

Anonymous said...

Go Vikes !

Justin Ritchie said...

Good to see it was a Charlotte 49ers gear! Go Niners! Are you an alum? If you are you'll probably interested in the discussion regarding adding football!

Anonymous said...

oh biting cold - i miss state college in february - not!