Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reflections of GAPtitude

Today was both Amanda and I's last day at the Gap. For a while at least, we will be able to spend Sunday's together, on the couch, out and about. We have gone seasonal (I was always seasonal) so we won't go back until the late spring or fall. That is fine with me considering they aren't carrying XXL's in the store for this upcoming season. That really defeats the purpose of my employment, if we were to add it up, I likely spent more than I made. Oh well... it was good fun.

Some events on the horizon for us...
January 26th- Amanda's Illinois Teaching License Test
January 27th- Work Ski Trip
February 3rd- Superbowl Sunday
Fabruary 14th- Some Crappy Hallmark Holiday
February 15th- Flogging Molly Concert
March 2nd- The greatest holiday on earth!
March 16th- Gaelic Storm Concert
March 17th- Saint Jonathan Patrick's Day

With Amanda in bed, I have taken the rest of the evening to watch Kate and Leo.... I will never let go Jack, I will never let go!

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