Thursday, January 03, 2008

A few people are looking for a new job.

Edwards, Clinton, Obama, Huckabee, Romney, McCain, all looking for the same job. I was happy to see Obama pick up a victory in a majority white state, just made me feel like his race wont be too big an issue. That is as it should be. I was also happy to see Edwards come in second, with less funding, his message resonates with me and right now, i am really feeling him and his amazing hair.

There is another person in search of a job today, she was elected too. My wife got a job today, full time work. No, she isn't teaching, but that was not really in the plans or her ambitions up here. She wanted to try something different, no teaching, no retail. She will be working full time for an OBGYN office, doing what? I dunno, but she his jacked up that her work address is N. Lake Shore Drive, she is 3 blocks from the mag mile and will be commuting via train. I am very proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone and trying something new. Keep your prayers with her please.

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Barb said...

Yeah, Amanda!! Good for you! They will be so glad they hired you; an up-beat person like you is an asset to any organization. Your stories about life on the commuter train will be really fun to hear..UH? .... read!

Love you, Aunt Barb