Monday, August 06, 2007

Home & Safe

This is the Captain speaking, welcome home from the Grandeur of the Seas. Amanda and I made it home, safe but not well. We both have colds, I have some kind of sinus issue that was made worse by the plane ride home. I have typed up all but the last few days of the trip and starting tomorrow, I plan on posting one or two per day. The internet on the ship was not MAC friendly... bastards!

Amanda has a job interview on Wednesday, another principal just called to set up one, and she just scored a part time job with my alma mater the GAP! Things are looking up, we may be able to eat and have cable next month!!! Keep Amanda in your prayers for the job interviews please.

til tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

yeah! i can hardly wait sweetie... happy you had fun on your trip. keepin me fingers crossed for the interview too.

love ya,

Anonymous said...

JB & Co

Glad you made it back, we've missed you both.

Both Aunt Barb & i want to do that trip, so
we'll anxiously await the next EPISTLE
from the BOOK of JB


Rege Malady said...


So you sailed on the Sloop Jon B.

Aunt Barb and I want to do that trip also.
We'll both be waiting anxiously for details