Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cruise Day Four

Bar Harbor, Maine: (BA ha Ba)

This was the coolest day of the trip thus far. I must start by saying that when we left port in Portland a light fog had set in, by the end of the evening you could barely see anything in front of your face. I was thinking titanic too! When we dropped anchor in Bar Harbor, you couldn’t see land at all. We parallel parked the boat in the middle of the ocean and went to port by tender. These are small life-boat sized crafts to ferry us to Bar Harbor because our ship was just a touch too big, okay, so the biggest boat there is about 75 feet long.

You could only see land from about 100 yards away and the ship had disappeared behind us. We took a walking tour from a gentleman in a top hat. It reminded me a lot of Key West. Sounds odd but I think of Key West as a town that had its “hay day” at and a little past the turn of the century. Bar Harbor was once the summer home of the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, the Astors, and the Biltmores. All the rich gentry in American industry called this their summer home. It was fun to hear all the stories behind this island. The oddest part is that the biggest houses are known as cottages, where in the Carolinas a cottage is just a place to put crap in the mountains. We got to see the largest collection of Tiffany stained glass, gorgeous!

We settled in for lunch where we all got some seafood and enjoyed the local blueberry pie. Amanda’s Mom and Aunt went to meet their next tour excursion they were taking and Amanda and I shopped and got back to the ship early. Our first early morning led to sleep deprivation; we took some power naps that remedied the situation. Dinner was fantastic as we all made it back to tell stories of our day.

Reatha, Claire, Amanda, and I settled into the card room for a few hours after dinner and played some card games. We laughed so hard that other people inquired what game we were playing and if we could teach it to them. It was just good company. After the teenagers aboard all decided to meet in the card room, we left for the night.

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