Friday, August 10, 2007

Cruise Day Five

Day 5: Saint John, NB, Canada

Welcome to Canada eh! Saint John is new to the tourism game and it shows. Not a stunning place from the dock. (I don’t think any place but Bar Harbor is attractive from their docks .ed)

We were off on a little tour as we docked the boat. Amanda could not get over the dirt on the buildings. We got to go into “the oldest public market” in Canada. The roof is the upside down hull of the ship because the only people in the early 1900’s that were capable of building large things were ship builders. We saw some French & Indian War towers and forts. The coolest thing Saint John had to offer was the reversing falls. The Bay of Fundy has 20-28ft high tides. So there is a 14 foot drop off at low tide where the river dumps into the bay. At high tide, the bay rises above the falls and actually forces the river backwards. We arrived at the peak of high tide and the power of the two bodies of water colliding was awe inspiring.

That night Amanda and I were to meet up after her nap. I went to the casino to play a little Texas Hold’em and we were to meet up for Trivia 15 minutes before dinner. Well, as I sat down for dinner and Reatha asked where Amanda was. I turned flush, ran up two stories to catch the last questions of trivia. Amanda has a great sense of humor and put her team name down as “flying solo.”

The wedding is still on!

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