Thursday, September 28, 2006

Finally.... A Destination

Amanda knows where she will be teaching for the rest of the year....... McKee Road Elementary School will have the services of this lovely first year teaching phenom. Roughly 10 miles (or half the distance) this school is a geographical powerhouse for Amanda. Also, 96% of the kids pass their E.O.G.'s annually. The upside is strong in this school's history of performance. That being said, she is loosing the diversity of Smithfield which is why she chose to drive to BFSouthCharlotte to begin with. She is going from a 1/3 white, 1/3 black, 1/3 Hispanic school which celebrates diversity to the school where the new-money rich white kids go. I hope she is able to make them celebrate diversity, then you know how good of a teacher Amanda can be. All we ask is that you keep Amanda in your prayers as she makes the transition over. [wow, that is the best segue in this entire blog (that was for you big guy)] The principal will be breaking this news to Amanda's class tomorrow, she will be packing up Monday and Tuesday, then moving into the new school in the middle of the week as an observer. I am not sure but I think the week of the 9th is when she will get her new class. I will be keeping you posted on all displacement news as it comes across the AP wire and from Reuters.

In other news, I had a very interesting day at work. I was appraising a 2003 Mazda MPV van when I hear a little yelp, it was a human yelp, I scanned the lot and saw nothing. Then I heard "can you come here, hurry!" and I saw a female sales consultant respond with look towards the bottom of customer parking and yelled "uh uh, you don't talk to me that way, acting a fool!" I then saw a guy with standing behind his Saab and he just yelled help, I ran down to the bottom of the lot where the guy had his finger caught in the decklid of his car. He was getting something out, the wind shut it, and with his finger in the jamb, the trunklid actually latched shut. I opened the front door and popped the truck. With the pressure of his finger, the latch didn't want to release. I finally got it open and got his finger free. He walked away, shaking his hand, mumbling about a broken finger. He started to walk towards the building when the second by-stander, an inventory associate, addressed the guy. We were in the middle of offering to drive him to the hospital when he decided he would sit on the curb. He exclaimed he was fine and we should leave him alone, he the slumped over and passed out. James (a sales consultant) and Chris (the inventory associate mentioned earlier) lifted him up, I came around the car, saw his eyes roll back, and he began to shake and convulse a lot.. The two guys held on to him while I called 911. As I was giving location and describing the issue, he sort of came to. His heart was racing, he was sweaty and hot. When they asked me for his age, I said "he's in his thirties" and he raised his hand up, middle finger extended, and said "I'm 24." (In my defense, he had less hair than anyone in our family of any age, my bad dude, F U) About 2 minutes later, a bus arrived (that is Gray's Anatomy Speak for ambulance) and they began to treat him. One of the EMT's knew who my mom was and had some positive praise for her. He perked up and ended up driving himself home about a half an hour later. The lesson I learned was this; If you are the first one on the scene, you will end up doing an hours worth of paper work and interviews with associates at Carmax.

We won our softball game because of forfeit, 2-0.

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