Tuesday, July 25, 2006

iPOD Karaoke

Okay, so my beloved cousin, author of maggie's red thread, has turned Amanda and I on to the thought of iPOD Karaoke. I thought I would return the favor in kind. I challenge anyone to find a love song, any love song, by anyone, be it Barry White, Michael Bolton, or Jimmy Buffett. Find me a song that CANNOT be easily made into a Christian pop song. I think it would be awesome if the compilation of popular love songs was made into Christian music by simply changing some words around.

baby (or any other tender reference to a sig. other) = God
make love = give love
kiss = pray
touch = save
etc etc etc

This was brought on when I was appraising a minivan today and on the radio was, what I thought, was a love song. Talked about loving, caring, sharing, all of those things we want in a relationship. I was grooving along, then all of a sudden, the last line of the song simply said "thank you God." Now I love me some God, and I think that any artist who can be a successful Christian artist should be (God knows it isn't easy writing a careers worth of songs about the exact same thing while still not sounding repetitive could not be easy). But if you are just taking a love song you wrote for your high school girlfriend and changing some word, you are no artist, unless you consider yourself a con-artist.

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